talking penis's and craig'slist

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talking penis's and craig'slist

Post by seajayjay » Wed Dec 12, 2007 4:57 am

I was reading some crap at a web site called Kotaku.
I felt like sharing some stuff i found. The only real interesting thing i heard about was the new command and conquer fps shooter I guess it's a sequale to renegade.

Then i read some crap about a Tomagotchi tv show and a guy who made several hundred dollars over list price on wiis and ps3s.

I swear when it gets to the talking buildings the 2 on the left look like 2 talking penis's (who else but me to point this out). ... 331896.php

Wow i was surprised when i read about the death threats this guy got just becasue he made some money. I guess thats just how it goes a guy gets rich and people get mad becasue they are poor.

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