Move It, or Lose It

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Move It, or Lose It

Post by Venomous » Thu Dec 22, 2005 12:01 pm

Hey all...

Being that this forum does not require registration to read posts, but only to make posts, and in light of the fact that it seems we have recently been spidered by some kind of casino-promoting spambot intent on creating dozens of fake user accounts that never even make it past the email verification process, I have decided to implement a proprietary user purge module that will nuke a user from the phpBB database based on their level of activity vs. their period of inactivity.

This module will function on a sliding scale, meaning that the more posts you make, the longer you can remain inactive without getting deleted. It also means that users who sign up but never post, and in particular users who create an account but never verify their email address, will be deleted almost immediately. Also, users who make just one or two posts will be given only a very small grace before deletion.

Move it or lose it, folks. Preliminary stats show that at least 20 users will be deleted by the end of the year. Granted, these are mainly all the spambots and the users with zero postcounts, but still. This is a community board - if you don't plan on posting, don't sign up. It's free to read without registration, so if you don't want to be an active member of this community, don't clutter up our userbase.

Full info will be posted in the SocDev Changelog thread when the module is implemented.

EDIT - 11-Jan-06: The auto purge mod has now been implemented. The current figures (which I may change at a later time) are set that new or non-posting users have 15 days to become active or get deleted, and each post you make earns you an extra 10 days of inactivity grace. See the changelog thread for more info.
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