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Updates to the Social Deviancy Site

Post by Venomous » Fri Nov 11, 2005 7:34 am

This thread serves effectively as a changelog for the SocDev site. As various parts of the site are modified/added to, they will be documented here. This post will be edited as additional changes are made, so please watch this space.

01-Feb-2005 - SocDev site relaunched after being offline since early June 2002.

* phpBB Forum added.
* Web-based Contact Form added.
* Service Reviews board removed.
* Toilet Reviews board removed.
* Image gallery removed.
* Old articles purged.

19-Jul-2005 - Contact Form upgraded.

* Form field verifiers added, to prevent false/spam submissions.
* Javascript removed and replaced by full PHP for increased security.

8-Aug-2005 - Live Chat Room added.

* IRC chat channel created - [url=irc://irc.foreverchat.net:7000/socialdeviancy]#socialdeviancy[/url] at irc.foreverchat.net.
* Java-based web console integrated into phpBB forum, providing access to the IRC channel directly from the website.

8-Aug-2005 - Articles & Feedback dynamically linked to website intro page.

* Main intro page now dynamically displays most recent article posted from the forum.
* Users can respond to/comment on the article on the forum directly with one click from the main page where the article is showcased.

27-Oct-2005 - Ad space for rent!

* Social Deviancy has joined the AdBrite advertising network, and is now using the top bar banner space (previously used for an in-house banner cycler promoting a small number of sites for free) and the left bar space beneath the navigational links (previously blank) as rentable advertising space, beginning at a penny per click/impression. This will hopefully raise revenue for the website to keep SocDev running.

31-Oct-2005 - Graffiti Wall upgraded.

* Fixed a bizarre glitch in the Graffiti Wall's timestamping code, which was recording all entries with a GMT timestamp, marked as PST, but using a southern-hemisphere (AEDT) daylight savings system. The Graffiti Wall now correctly records timestamps in the local time of the SocDev server - PST/PDT, California time.

11-Nov-2005 - Top Ten Users feature added.

* Added a new phpBB mod to the forum which lists the top ten forum users by postcount, including links to their user profile, most recent post, and website URL if they have one included in their profile.

11-Jan-2006 - Userbase Auto Purge mod added.

* Added a new phpBB mod to the forum which automatically deletes user accounts on a sliding scale proportional to their level of activity. New registrations have 3 days to verify their email address, verified accounts have 15 days to post something, and each post you make earns you 10 more days of inactivity. So if you've made 10 posts, you're able to be inactive for 100 days before your account gets deleted. If you have a postcount of zero, or one, your account will be terminated within 15 days. These figures are changeable in the phpBB Admin Console, so I may change them in the future. For the moment though, these values work well for keeping spambots, lurkers, and fly-by single posters from cluttering up the userbase.

21-Feb-2006 - Disclaimer bypass cookie added.

* Upon request/suggestion from Hero of the Day, a cookie has been implemented on the main site which bypasses the two disclaimer pages after your first visit. Clearly the disclaimers are intended primarily for new site visitors, and regular users don't need to be subjected to them every time they visit www.socialdeviancy.com. So now, after the first (or in the case of regular users, next) visit, each visitor will be cookied to indicate that they have read, understood and agreed to the site policies, and all subsequent visits will take them straight to the main SocDev intro page.

21-Apr-2006 - IRC channelbot added to Chat Room.

* Fully customized IRC channelbot, [Servo], has been implemented into the SocDev chat room/[url=irc://irc.foreverchat.net:7000/socialdeviancy]IRC channel[/url]. The bot logs all channel activity and is fully customizable/expandable to basically unlimited functionality. Lots of bot interactive features will be added to the chat room in the future. Type !help in the chat at any time for a list of current features.

21-Apr-2006 - QuoteDB quote submission/ranking module added to site.

* A module for the submission and user ranking of humorous quotes from the chat room/[url=irc://irc.foreverchat.net:7000/socialdeviancy]IRC channel[/url], forum, or any other SocDev related discussion, has been added to the site. Users can vote to raise or lower each quote's rank based on what they think of it, and view the quotes randomly, by most recent contributions, by highest ranked, or browse the entire database. Also, functionality has been added to the IRC channelbot to allow users to add/view quotes straight from the chat room. Type !help in channel to see a complete list of commands.

This post will be updated periodically as more improvements/modifications are made to the site. Watch this space....
- Venomous -

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