The great spam cleanup of 2014

Know what you're getting into before you post. Pros and cons of this board, and admin stuff that I feel you need to know. READ THIS FIRST, NEWBIES.
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The great spam cleanup of 2014

Post by desikitteh » Sat May 31, 2014 1:14 am

okay, so i've done a fair bit. we should have no active spambots at this stage. couple of boards are cleaned up. and i'm going to keep on it. if you see new spam show up let Ven or i know.

cleaned boards (updated as i think of it):
Rules/Announcement/etc. (was already clean)
Articles & Feedback (was already clean)
hall of shame
stealing christmas lights
smoker's lounge
pointless crap
blood and fire
Suck it up, BUTTERCUP!

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