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Funny Pranks and Links

Post by Supernovae » Wed Jan 04, 2006 8:18 pm

For those of us who remember G.I. Joe, we always remembered the cartoon as one that brought us something to remember coined by the phrash "And knowing is half the battle" I recently went over a friends house who showed me a few clips and I wanted to share them with everyone else. A lot of them have a powerful beginning (or a great premise) but lacks the surefire ending to make it rememberable.

But I wanted to link the site so that everyone can enjoy them G.I. Joe and also link to my favorite one Pork-Chop Sandwiches.
The next site that I wanted to share with everyone is about a guy named John Hargrave who lives out in Boston, MA. Hopefully everyone will enjoy his Pranks as much as I did. His website is ZUG and some of my favorite Pranks are: Credit Card Prank, Visa Prank and theViagra Prank.

For a quick laugh - turn on your speaker and click this link HERE you can thank Kristi for providing me the link

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