What is wrong with the world today?

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What is wrong with the world today?

Post by Hero of the Day » Wed Jan 04, 2006 1:01 am

I was just thinking that since the dawn of the new millenium, there seem to be alot more global events that say something is seriously wrong.

First there was the election Debacle in 2000, this was quite an embarresment to the United States. This showed that one of the worlds largest democracies, which also happens to be the sole remaining superpower, cannot run an election any better than any pissant third world country recovering from years of civil war and/or dictatorship/military rule. I am not taking sides in this issue as both political parties had a hand in the debacle. There should have been measures in place to avoid this, instead we switch to electronic machines with no paper trail, that a chimpanzee can hack. This would seem to do more to compound the problems than cure any.

September 11, 2001 the deadliest terrorist attack in the History of the United States. Again something that should not have happened, and again many parties to share the blame. The intelligence agencies should have coordinated better, and someone should have taken care of Bin Laden and his top people long ago.

Shortly after we invade afghanistan and topple the Taliban however we fail to capture Bin Laden or significantly decrease terrorism

Again After September 11, the United States Congress pasess the USA PATRIOT act. This authorizes domestic eavesdropping of every sort, illegal searches, acess to all types of personal records (medical, library etc), the worst part is this can all be done in secret without your knowledge. This effectivelly undermines portions of the BILL OF RIGHTS and the Constitution.

Fast forward a year or so the United States invades Iraq, what follows? A clusterfuck that causes some to draw parrallels to Vietnam. Even worse this has greatly increased the hatred for the the U.S and led to an increase in terrorism. Iraq right now is basically a piece of broken glass being held together with tape. Eventually the tape will fail, as it was only a temporary repair. This leads some to speculate that the countrly will face civil war before the decade is over.

Now we have China buying the United States (leading non-domestic consumer of goverment bonds), ignoring intellectual property rights, artificially rigging their currency, paying their manufacturing industry huge subsidies so the can destroy other economies with cheap imported goods. The bad part is no one is even attempting to do a damn thing about it.

North Korea develops nuclear weaponry. Iran follows a short while later.

The U.S cannot control its borders, record numbers of illegal immigrants, thus raising the possibility of would be terrorists infiltrating the country.

Oil and Energy Prices skyrocket, the oil companies post record profits in late 2005. But supposedly its all supply and demand.

The United States manages a better response to a tsunami on the other side of the world than it does to a disaster in its own backyard.
Hurricane Katrina devastates areas of Louisiana and Mississipi, the federal government sends a delayed and very inadequate initial response. The major players are either not present or to concerned with politics. President Bush continues a speechmaking tour like nothing is happening, the governor of LA is more worried about what kind of image she is potraying on TV; and finally FEMA is doing almost nothing to assist. A few days later New Orleans floods after multiple levee breaches, and we later find out that there was no emergency plan in place to deal with something like this, nor was anyone able to marshall equipment to rescue people for at least 24 hours after the levees failed. Later studies suggest that the levees were flawed from the start, due to either faulty design of faulty contruction.

Finally Monday Morning in a Coal mine in West Virginia, there is an explosion of undetermined cause, that leads to 13 workers being trapped inside the mine. Now Consider the Fact that mines such as this are supposed to be very closely regulated and have real stringent safety measures in place. Additionally this very mine recieved 208 citations last year , around 100 of these citations were considered "significant and substantial" by inspectors. These were issued for things such as improper control of coal dust (extremely flammable) and improper machinery maintenance.
There are reports of things like this happening in China and other countries with less strict safety rules, however this should not have happened in the U.S.
The U.S (and other countries)is quick to condemn China on these things, but in reality it is no better; if the mine racked up 100 significant citations why was it not shut down.

The world as we know it is going downhill fast and we are the only ones who can do anything about it.

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Post by Supernovae » Wed Jan 04, 2006 7:01 pm

That is because the world is trapped under the word "Political" which has two opposing views.

If your not part of one or the other then your considered an outsider. And this supposed "outsider" has little-to-no political power at all.
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Post by morphineinduced » Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:42 am

ya and they seem to not want you around if you dont play along with there little mind games they play on the mass popluation...... its a shame but not enough people are willing to take a stand ..... maybe someday

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