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More Sleaze

Post by Hero of the Day » Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:33 am

the theme for these is: Just plain fucked up


Punk-metal smut lords the Mentors became the Parents Music Resource Center poster boys of nasty in the mid 80's, with PMRC spokeswoman Tipper Gore actually quoting the lyrics of their song "Anal Vapors" in congressional hearings. This only furthered the notoriety of the executioner- masked trio; Sickie Wifebeater, Dr. Heathen Scum and El Duce continued to perform such masterworks as "Service Me or Be Smacked" and "Wine You, Dine You, Sixty Nine You", leaving a trail of booze-fueled mayhem and puke in their wake. But the pinnacle of the Mentors' scumball antics was toadish drummer Duce's assertion that Courtney Love offered him 50K to "whack" Kurt Cobain, which he repeated on-camera in the 1998 Nick Broomfield Documentary <i>Kurt and Courtney</i> (Love adamantly denies the accusation). We'll never know if there's a shred of truth to his drunken blabberings. Eight Days after speaking to Broomfield's film crew, a soused Duce got whacked by a train near his Riverside, California home.


GG Allin had been promising to kill himself onstage on Halloween for years. The Scum-Rock bottom feeder fronted a series of 80's hardcore bands including the Scumfucs and the Murder Junkies, but he was less known for his music than for his infamous live gigs--which featured a nude GG pissing at, shitting on, and if the mood hit him, sexually assaulting his masochistic audiences. These antics got Allin (a.k.a. the "Poo-Poo Rocker") arrested more than 50 times (he spent several years in prison). Yet the little weasel never made good on his Halloween promise. Allin's final performance, a ten minute show on June 27,1993 at New York City's Gas Station club, ended with Allin flying through a glass door and inciting an audience riot. Later that night he died alone in his Lower East Side apartment--not a suicide but a heroin overdose. Wuss

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