sleazy moments in rock and roll

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sleazy moments in rock and roll

Post by Hero of the Day » Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:23 am

for your amusement here are a few of the 100 sleaziest moments in Rock as identified by spin magazine. This might be an ongoing series a few per post. Today's theme is: Perversion and who better to start with than Led Zeppelin

Led Zepelin were the undisputed gods of rock n' roll perversion. The Aleister Crowley credo "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" was their anarchic battle cry, which encompassed everything from strong arming promoters to bingeing on angel dust. Although singer Robert Plant, bassist John Paul Jones, and drummer John "Bonzo" Bonham were all married (guitarist Jimmy Page preffered jailbait like 14 year old supergroupie Lori Maddox), every city was overun with young women willing to do anything, no matter how depraved, to get close to the band. That in Zeppelin's most famous incident meant getting fucked with fresh seafoood. A disgusting 1969 incident at Seattle's edgewater inn remains the standard by which all future rock debauchery has been measured. One afternoon the crew went fishing in Puget Sound- through their hotel room windows- landing arm sized mud sharks which they subsequently hung in the closet. That night the band threw a little party to celebrate the catch of the day. "It was wild" remembers tour photographer Michael Zagaris. "Everyone was smoking joints and hash. Somebody had left the water running so the sink and bathtub were overflowing. One guest brought a couple of live partridges; somebody stepped on one and it was just limping around the room". As one girl ran out screaming, in walked a blonde San Francisco groupie who was immediatelly stripped naked. Zep tour manager Richard Cole started getting down with her and the always-game Bonzo stepped right in. One excited guest Zagaris says "pulled out a plastic bag of fish entrails he'd picked up at the Pike Street Fish Market and dumped it all over the groupie, and went down on her. Then someone--Bonzo I think--grabbed one of the sharks and just started fucking her with it." The shark attack was instantly notorious. More than 30 years later though no one is sure what really happened. Cole insists he was the fish fiend, and in the Zeppelin Bio Hammer of the Gods, he also claims the victims were'nt a shark and a blonde, but a red snapper and a redhead: "It was like 'You'd like a bit of fucking, eh? Let's see how your red snapper likes this red snapper.' The girl must have come 20 times." Hardly--Zagaris says she was simply out of her head. "Everybody was going along with it. They were pretending they were bored. When wierd shit is happening, you don't want to be the guy who says 'What the fuck is going on?'" For the next 11 years, until Bonzo choked to death on his own vomit, nobody dared to ask.


A visibly intoxicated Mark McGrath horrified a crowd of contest winning Marlboro smokers during a potentially lucrative 1999 Sugar Ray promotional appearance at a New York City nightclub. After exposing himself and hurling insults, the gentelmanly star held up his index finger and asked "Who wants to smell Madonna?" (at the time their were rumors of a brief romance.) The antics cost the band an alleged $400,000 in tobacco industry money and likely lost McGrath and future access to Ms. Ciccone's fragrant nether regions.


Wearing socks on their penises and writing songs like "Party on Your Pussy", the Red Hot Chili Peppers were always in touch with their inner fratboy. But in March 1990, bassist Flea and drummer Chad Smith had a testosterone meltdown at the <i>MTV's Spring Break</i> festivties in Daytona Beach, Florida. After their performance, Flea hoisted a 20 year old Virginia student out of the crowd and across his shoulder, upon which Smith pulled down her bathing suit bottoms and gave her a spanking. Flea then dropped her to the sand, proposed oral sex, and dry-humped her till network staff intervened. Both Pepper's pleaded guilty to various misdemeanors: They were each forced to apologize, pay a $1000 fine, donate $5000 to a rape crisis center, and give $300 to the state attorney's office for prosecution charges. <i> MTV's Spring Break</i> escaped with it's prudish reputation unscathed.

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Post by Venomous » Tue Dec 20, 2005 4:20 am

Man, they just don't rock like they used to. Today's music industry makes me sick - bring back seafood sex and groupie molestation! I've had it with sensitive modern soft-cock rock.
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