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Post by Venomous » Sun Sep 25, 2005 1:47 am

MP81 wrote:Well, though I have nothing against them, elderly and handicapped people usually can't drive worth shit.
Not to mention non-English speaking immigrants, cab drivers, soccer moms, Asian students in their fuckin' ricers that daddy's IT money paid for.. the list goes on.. man, I'd rather be stuck behind an probationary driver on his first solo drive behind the wheel, than an old Asian lady who has had her "license" for a decade and still can't drive worth a damn.
MP81 wrote:I think that you should take the quiz every renewal along with a vision test, AND every 10 years, take a road test to see if you're worthy to drive. And If you can't drive well, then you can't have your license.
I'll see that and raise you... I think every licensed driver should have to go back for the road knowledge quiz and a vision test every TWO years, and the full road test every FIVE years as well! Get all those fuckin' dangerous dickwads off our streets!! I swear the road toll of the entire western world would be lowered dramatically if they did this, not to mention the extra dollars in the pocket our greedy governments would love to have from all the extra tests and shit. It's a win win, man.
MP81 wrote:But, of course, why the fuck would the government listen to us?
What can I say, the kid's got a point...
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Post by Hellmark » Mon Sep 26, 2005 9:59 pm

Here, vision test every renewal (which basically is a bunch of unmarked street signs, and you have to tell which ones which by their shape and designs), but thats it.

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