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Completely off-topic conversational diarrhea that the rest of the internet won't let you post anywhere because it's so pointless and irrelevant to anything important.
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Post by MP81 » Sat Dec 24, 2005 8:23 pm


And whats wrong with a couple million boobies on TV?

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Post by Venomous » Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:02 am

Hero of the Day wrote:However the problem goes deeper than that. It is society as a whole, we are becoming a country of censorship, where all it takes is one person to say they are offended by something. The leadership listens because the people with the power are slightly left of ultra conservative. Just look at all the trouble Howard Stern got into on the radio. Everything now is focused on family values and decency and protecting kids, all these people are feeding their kids this shit, which means the next generation is liable to be even heavier into censorship. Well I say FUCK YOU to the censors, because the First Amendment gives me the right to free speech, and does not say anything about offending people
And THAT, dear friends, is what Social Deviancy is all about!!

Hero dude, you sure have been a bit of an asshole around here lately because of those cocksuckers at your work putting you in a shitty mood, but this is the best post I've seen in ages. I'm going to give you an award of some sort. Definately. Soon. So yeah. =)
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