Happy new year

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Happy new year

Post by Jackie » Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:42 pm

Well whoop-tie-doo, it's 2012, the year which is foretold to be the last for mankind and the whole world we live in. Just like it was said to be hundreds of times before. I'm not kidding, the list of world ending predictions is staggering.

242 failed predictions. And this is just from one site. While I'm fine with the fact that some people like to spread this sort of bullcrap, I don't like how they always manage to purge the believers (or victims) of their money. Of course you might say ''Well, it's their own fault for being so stupid''. Yes. I know. But the point is that this shows mankind is still horribly, incredibly and most of all self-destructively stupid.

As long as people continue to believe in whatever made-up/falsified crap authorities and influential people keep shoving down our throat there is no hope for the future of our race. If the quantity and absurdity of the things we do and believe in decreased, we could say that as a specie, we're moving forward. But I don't see any decrease. I see a world that is getting more retarded, more backwards, more corrupt, more hostile, and more disgusting.

Its not fun getting confronted with the truth, or even witnessing it, no matter how predictable these issues are. Not even for a guy like me, who actively tries to seek it out.

<FONT SIZE="+1">2011 was a shitty year for me, how was it for you?</FONT>

Oh, don't even answer that question. I already know the answer. Of course it was bad for you too, how could it not have been? Only millionaires, celebrities and other powerful figures did not suffer the dire consequences of this malfunctioning world. I predict that 2012 is going to get even worse. Governments and societies everywhere are declining in a progressive line, why would this year be different?

You know what, judging from the general mentality and way of thinking of the current generation, the next couple of years are looking very, very bleak. Without exaggeration, it might be worthwhile to stock in a lot of food and water for a great depression, and get a hold of a good weapon. Find a shelter, preferably one with thick lead walls. And hope for better days.

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