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Windows 7 sucks cock, dick, and horsepenis all at once

Posted: Fri Apr 15, 2011 7:53 pm
by Jackie
The newest OS from Micro$uck excels in crappiness once again. Yes, it's true. Have they ever released an operating system that wasn't broken, inefficient, unstable, open for every kind of virus, and horribly expensive to boot? No.

Some people believe that Micro$uck as a company aims to give us the software to make our PC's work well. But this couldn't be further from the truth. They don't care about making a good OS. All they care about is money. It's a greedy corporation, which grabs itself onto your wallet ever so firmly and drains your finances like the bloodsucking vampires they are. They'll never let go of your wallet until you stop using their software.

I'm not sure how they manage to pull it off every time again, but Windows 7 really impresses me. It is so, so bad. It's hard to believe that its predecessor is apparently even worse, but if any company can do it, it's Micro$uck.

So, why does it suck this much? Let's just describe the experience I've had with this crapware.

Installing the OS was OK. It did took three, four reboots, which I don't like. But anyway, installation went fine.

Now, the first thing I noticed was the ridiculously tiny font. It didn't bother me too much though, because you can usually make these larger in the configuration screen. However, the first thing the OS itself suggested is that I increase the DPI if I want larger text. Granted, this does work, but unfortunately it makes everything else on the screen bigger too. It's like decreasing your screen resolution. However, if you increase the DPI to the point where the text becomes large enough, any windows you open won't fit on the screen anymore. Hence increasing DPI is a terrible solution for this problem. You can't even call it a solution, it's a compromise.

I figured there must be a configuration screen where you can make the actual fonts and text itself bigger, just like you could in XP. But I couldn't find these settings. I actually had to search google to figure out where they put 'em. As expected, they were indeed hidden, in a very illogical place where anyone with common sense probably wouldn't look.

Anyway, I increased the text size, but even then some of the text in windows was still absurdly small and barely readable, because the configuration screen only allows you to change a select few elements in windows explorer. I asked the turds from the Micro$uck forums if they knew how to make all the fonts bigger, and I explained what I had tried and made it clear that I really wasn't in the mood for suggestions which were clearly already attempted. And guess what they did? Yes, they suggested the same things I already tried. I can't say that I was surprised. Hopelessly dumb retards. One of them had the rude guts to suggest a paid program as a fix. As if windows 7 wasn't expensive enough already.

I decided on a compromise: I increased the DPI somewhat, and increased the text size of all fonts that were editable.

To clarify: if you don't have an issue with the small fonts, you probably sit too close to the screen, and you aren't using the native resolution.

Well, not exactly a good start. But nonetheless, the OS seemed to work pretty well at first. I decided to disable and uninstall most of the useless programs, which always come pre-installed with most m$ software. Then I opened task manager to see what was going on under the hood. It was using somewhere between 600-700 MB, which is about double the amount of XP. Still, since this will allow programs to start up faster, it's okay.

But there was something else I noticed, and this was not so good. Over 40 processes where running in the background. It's ridiculous. And most of it is useless stuff you never use. Plus, all these processes can be exploited by viruses to enter you system unseen.

But I wasn't going to condemn the software based on two annoyances just yet. It was time to test if you can play some video games on the OS, since windows is practically useless besides its ability to run games and use special software. Sadly, games don't work too well on 7. While most of them run OK, the performance is cut by 10-60% compared to XP. This is just unacceptable. I'm sure that new, modern games work well on the OS, but only retards play the newest games anyway. Video games of a decade old should run perfectly fine on the OS, otherwise it's an imminent failure.
But the issues with games don't stop there. One game began freezing at certain places. A quick check on google verified that windows 7 was to blame.

Another annoying tendency with 7 is the constant nagging that some files or programs can only be executed as the administrator. And some files can't even be executed or edited at all, until you manually change the permissions of every restricted file. Some say this is for security reasons, but I have my doubts.

Of course, if these were my only complaints, windows 7 wouldn't have been so terrible. Then again, the awful performance reduction in older games is inexcusable.

But it get worse. Much worse. After about a week of using the OS, suddenly my internet connection went down. Now, that can happen since I live in an area where they mess around with the cables under the ground occasionally, but I quickly found out that it was the ethernet controller which was suddenly disabled. Internet worked right from the get-go in 7, so this was rather peculiar. I had to download the official driver for my specific controller and install the driver for the chip to work again.

Shortly afterwards, the first service pack for windows 7 was available. However, for some reason, it wouldn't install properly. The system rebooted twice, which was normal, but when it was finalizing the install there was some sort of error and the whole process had to be reversed. I tried once more later on, hoping it was a glitch of some sort, but the same thing happened again.

Some time after these troubles, I noticed something really, really disturbing: windows was no longer activated. I had activated windows the same day I installed it, so in some strange way it managed to unactivate itself. How weird is that? Upon trying to reactivate, there was another strange error, preventing reactivation. Some searching on google revealed an interesting fact: I wasn't the only one with this problem. Apparently, windows 7 sucks so hard, it can deactivate itself and prevent users from reactivating for no apparent reason. Amazing. Good job, Micro$uck. You live up to your reputation.

As you can probably imagine, I was pretty sick of the whole shitty OS by now, but thankfully I also had XP installed. Sadly, bad luck struck once more. After a few weeks, I had a lsass.exe error, which prevented XP from getting past the welcome screen. Either you click OK on the warning message or you click the message away, but your PC will shutdown and reboot. There is no way to get past it.

At this point I hated M$ even more than I already did, but what could I do? The only option left for me was to use the crappy windows 7 again. The license had expired by now, so the background was black and it gave me nag-sessions every half hour. Also, I couldn't install new programs anymore, but this wasn't much of an issue, because everything I needed was in my XP installation.

It almost seemed like windows was trying to push my patience even further, by making the ethernet controller malfunction again after two weeks of no errors. This is where I had enough of it, and I finally decided to wipe my partition for XP clean, and reinstall the OS. XP, that is. No way I'm reinstalling 7.

Overall my impression and experience with windows 7 has been dreadful. I hate the crapware, and I hope it will die and fail miserably. My experience with windows XP hasn't been all rainbows and sunshine either, but it's no match for 7 in terms of crappiness. It's far too expensive to suck this much. All other operating systems are cheaper, and they're all better too. With that I'll conclude this article. Here are some grades to represent the overall quality of the two Micro$uck operating systems I have used.


Micro$uck Winblows 7:


Micro$uck Winblows XP:


Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 1:54 am
by seajayjay
I run native res and keep may face just little over 2 and half feet way font size has always been just about the same as xp.

the only extra programs form ms that i know that come on clean disk from MS is Windows media player and internet explorer.

Secondly some of those extra process can be shut off win 7 has setting for just that.

Now i'm not just talking out my ass i have several hundred copies of xp, vista and 7 at my disposal don't believe me ask ven i gave him his copy how ever for him he has hardware problems so every thing crashes all the time plus his cat sleep in his computer tower.

oh did mention that's load of crap games run just as good if not better on 7 and i might mention some games run only on vista and later but, that's the programmers fault not XP's

any i have been testing 7 and multiple apps and tones of games on multiple systems

here is a list of games i have been running

yeah games run just as well for me one thing i like is how the os uses all your ram, yeah that's a good thing that mean i can pause bioshock2 or crysis and snap right in to windows and look up something on the web and glance in the socdev irc before snapping right back in the game.

xp is bad at memory management because if left running all the time like always do the ram usage goes up but, can't back down because of memory leaks.

some older games don't run well in 7 OR xp thats why i have a dedicated windows 98se laptop with kernel ex so i can run xp prgorams in 98 and still have dos games and some early 3d games too.

okay lets see what else was bitched about (scrolls down and skims some more)

oh yeah i turn the VAC all the way off. oh yeah if you get pro or ulty you get a free VM of xp called xp mode.

(scroll scroll)

yes you have to reactivate after service packs but, it's the same with xp i do it at work all day long on xp. At this point i would like to say 7 saves so much fucking god damn time on install and updates as one thing it does is get the drivers for you how ever i noticed you have problems with the network controller i would say get the drivers from the manufacturer and not windows and if the problem persist it may be hardware related.

after working with computers so much i think 7 is nicer saves time better memory management and looks better.

how ever it took some time before you could mod the ui with the uxcore.ddl patch.

what this does it replace the main theme in 7 it's aero and in xp it's luna.



the same can be done for xp how ever after being around for years xp has lot more third party visual styles to choose from.

after your experience i can't really blame you all that much thats a lot of BS for the average user, not to insult not sure what your experience is.

as Ven stated I have been here since i was 14 witch was when i started learning this stuff thanks to Mike aka Supernova or what the fuck it is and thanks to hellmark. Of course now i have been learning more than i ever I can even in some cases fix broken hardware with out replacing it.

Not to be too cocky i have passion for this stuff. Hw ever i have too have been torchered before like this very computer i'm typing has giving me problems before. it runs hot as fuck under stress testing it hit 205F or 90-93C

I just crashed not long ago but, i was playing with my gfx cards by over clocking them.

any who i think there is reasonable explanation for your problems. age is a BIG thing for 7 there is sweet spot in age where shit just isn't supported. I have seen plenty of that.

Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 6:29 pm
by Jackie
Well, not just micro$uck, but you too live up to your reputation, CJJ. I'm not going to say that you're more stupid than the average forum user, but I will say this: almost everything you stated was either wrongly assumed, dodged the core issue of the problem, or was just flat-out not true.

I'm going to let you choose; shall I point out how wrong you have been with a detailed explanation of all your mistakes, or shall we let it be? Option number one will most likely tarnish your reputation even further, since you are apparently PC savvy, while I'm not.

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 4:07 am
by seajayjay
the only real problems that i couldn't really solve are the network issue and the dpi. My mom had problems with the small text but, the dpi increased worked just for her.

Now I do understand what what your are saying and well my response is, i can't really help with out physical access to the machine or i would help out. Seriously I think if there is or was a way for the problems to be fix windows 7 would be a better experience for you and i believe there SHOULD not will or is be a fix.

Now now maybe some of your games won't work there are cost to moving to a new os that suck i remember all to well my hatred for windows xp when it came out.

I'm not trying to up hold a reputation... or AM I. I don't really wanna duke things out i don't see a need too.

I would like to state win 7 in general it has overtaken xp in market share oorrr so the news says.

Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 1:07 pm
by Venomous
As far as Windows goes (which ain't far), I like Windows 7. And this is coming from a guy who refused to upgrade from Windows 2000 when XP, and then Vista, came out. Now THEY were bad OSs. Win7 has mostly impressed me so far - again, as far as Windows goes. Although my PC still takes about half an hour to boot up and load everything.

Please note, I say this without having read the thread properly. Those were some long ass posts, and my attention span is all used up for the night writing my other post here. So don't blame me if it seems like I'm talking nonsense. =)

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 4:14 pm
by Venomous
Okay, I finally got around to reading this thread properly. Damn Jack, you have had a FUCKING bad time with Windows 7. I've been using it for a few months now and I've never experienced ANYTHING like what you described. In fact, I've had less problems with Win7 than any other Windows OS I've tried. My old games all seem to work (granted, most need a lot of tweaking, but when tweaked, they DO work), my network's stable, and I've certainly never had a problem with the font sizes, but then again, I have pinpoint perfect vision. I noticed from your screenshots in this thread that you have either a ridiculously low resolution, or an insanely high DPI set, because it looks like you're viewing SocDev at 640x480 on a 12" monitor. I'm pretty sure my cell phone has more viewing room on it.

Anyhow, all I can really say is, them's the brakes. That's Microsoft for you. All Microsoft products are doomed to fail in some way at some time, you've just had slightly worse luck than most. I wouldn't give up just yet. Win7 is still a much better OS than XP. Once you get the hang of it.

Posted: Mon May 09, 2011 6:11 pm
by Jackie
You know what really sucks? I'm using windows 7 right now. My XP installation is dead, because last week I had the lsass.exe error again. I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's a virus or something.

However, thus far it's okay. it seems that as long as I don't install updates, it works fine.

I'm using a 17 monitor at 1280*1024 resolution. I know it looks a little weird in the screenshots, but that's because the webpage is zoomed in. You see, I use my screen more like a TV than as a normal monitor. I sit probably three, four times the distance from the screen compared to most people. Obviously I need to increase the fonts and DPI somewhat to compensate as well.

I have my reasons to take this approach. Most obviously it's a bad idea to sit close to a screen. PC monitors might have been designed for this purpose, but this doesn't mean I'm just going to do what everyone else thinks is right. It's still bad for your eyes, and it's still more pleasant to treat a screen like a TV, to lay back and relax while you view your monitor from a more healthy distance. You know that in the future they're going to laugh at our unergonomic monitor face-hugging, and I'm doing that in advance.

It's pretty relaxing, and I have the required space, so why not?

Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 8:27 am
by seajayjay
I got a 52inch hdtv for free the other day *all be it need to fix it first), it has dvi port. seriously consider a nice hdtv i run the one in my room as second monitor or the main it's just the press of button in 7 change that and i pop in my xbox 360 controller in my computer and my games on the tv from bed. they hav dvi to hdmi connectors. my hdtv i use in my room cost me a little under 400 USD at wal-mart.It's okay it's certainly not the best at all average at best i would say. I know 400 usd is not pocket change but neither is nice monitor or good system.

Xp was bad with updates really bad if updating any drivers updating a driver in in windows updates in xp was almost a guaranteed fuck up hell at work i can replicate the problem. vista is better but, i have seen it fuck up updates as well but, usually on OEM store bought machines. 7 is much better about updates i also let it get all the drivers for me except my video card i down that so i have the latest from the manufacture they are little better. for the average user the stock 7 drivers are fine for the gfx card.

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 3:28 pm
by Venomous
Hell Jackie, if you can sit back from the PC and look at your monitor like it's a TV, then why not? It sounds comfortable actually. Me, I have dual monitors, a 27" and a 24", running at 1920x1080 and 1680x1050 respectively, and I usually recline in a very expensive office chair about three feet away from my screens, and I've never had any trouble reading or viewing anything. Though I'd imagine if I sat any further back from the monitors like you do, I'd probably have to drop my resolution or increase my font sizes a little.

I've also been trusting Windows Update to get my drivers, updates, hotfixes etc. since I got a legit version of Win7 (which I thank Chris for once again!) and it works like a dream. I actually get a pathetic little feeling of comfort each time I patch my OS with the latest updates, it makes me feel just that little bit more secure and stable each time, like a worn out but cozy dog blanket I can cuddle. =P

I've got a 7 day uptime at the moment, which in my experience is not bad for a Windows machine. The only reason it's not higher is because I had to restart to install some patches last week. My record uptime on a Windows system is 44 days, if I remember correctly. That was Windows 2000. God that was a good, stable OS. For a Windows OS, that is...

Posted: Sat May 21, 2011 8:50 pm
by seajayjay
I tell it to piss off until i'm ready to install updates. You know what the weird thing is? Windows 7 has updates to weed out pirated versions BUT, I say "but" here, it doesn't install them by default you have to select them, all except for service pack 1 it would totally make pirated version unlegit again.
If you go through and look at available updates you will see a few unchecked with no real description and only a few KB. Windows 7 has much better updates and memory management than xp and vista. Never trust xp to install drivers through updates, I can make it blue screen on command with those.

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 12:54 pm
by Jackie
Time for a little update, I guess. I'm still running windows 7 , and it's still doing fine. I actually managed to install all the updates and service pack 1 without any problems.

For about 2-3 weeks now, it's been running without any issues whatsoever. Maybe the problems I described above were jut a fluke?

Posted: Sun May 22, 2011 3:20 pm
by Venomous
Jackie wrote:For about 2-3 weeks now, it's been running without any issues whatsoever. Maybe the problems I described above were jut a fluke?
I think that's likely... as I've said a few times here already, Win7 has never given me any trouble, and this is coming from a guy who held fast to Win2000 during XP *and* Vista because I refused to touch that crap. I thought nothing could be as stable and secure as Win2k but Win7 has done nothing but impress me so far...

Posted: Mon May 23, 2011 5:52 am
by seajayjay
It could also be likely some fixes from service pack 1. Over all sample wise i haven't really had as many issues with windows 7 as vist and windows xp. at work things are different, you have to think about what you don't see like we never really see an ASUS desktop and laptops so they are most likely a decent brand we also don't see many windows 7 machines so the security may be better etc etc.

You will still have problems running older games but, it was the same with xp older games like fallout, starcraft 1 and diablo 1 tend to have weird rainbow colors. starcraft can be fixed by staying at 1.15 and not going to 1.16 and fallout has 3rd party community made patches that add resolution changing and 800+ plus bug fixes. Sometimes compatibility modes actually does something other times totally pointless.

It also has problems working on certain generation of hardware and either doesn't have driver or you have to try installing xp drivers yes windows 7 can use some windows x drivers despite how different they are. I have gotten a few fx5200 to work in the past.

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:43 am
by Venomous
I've had no problem getting classic games to work under Win7. The graphics glitches in StarCraft and several other games can be fixed by choosing compatibility mode and picking "Run in 256 colors". Some other games I've found need to be run in Windows XP SP2 mode, some work better as Windows 2000, and older games still can benefit from Windows 98 compat. mode.

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 10:49 pm
by Jackie
More news from my side. So I've been running windows 7 for a while now, it's been a couple of months already.

I have mixed feelings about this crapware. For some time I believed it was much better than XP. It has a couple of improvements, and it ran quite stable for some time. Then came the trouble again.

Many, many times after installing updates the OS got screwed up, and had to be revered back to a previous state. I just can't find that acceptable. Official updates from the creators should never break anything, and certainly not this often. Yet this happened at least 10 times. I actually became very hesitant to install the updates.

Yet again windows broke my ethernet controller a few times. It also killed the driver of my videocard once with a recommended update. And now, I've got no more sound. The audio-service could not be started. I checked it, and this is a windows related issue, it has nothing to do with the hard-or software of my soundcard.

Another disturbing issue: the device manager is completely empty. I feel there's reason for concern when an integral part of Windows suddenly doesn't work anymore. Also that search-bar on the control panel where you can enter terms like 'msconfig' is dead. Nothing shows up or happens anymore when you type and enter anything in there. Lastly, if I right-click the desktop, I no longer have the option to create new text files. 7-zip, the tool I use to extract compressed files is no longer integrated in that menu either. Same goes for openoffice. I installed these two free programs on my PC and they were always integrated into the right-click menu, but alas, they're gone.

I think my windows installation is kind of dead, or on the verge of dying. And I'm hoping that the same is true for a lot of Microsoft developers.